Patient Testimonials

Dr. Keith is a great chiropractor. He knew exactly what I needed to fix my injured back after I fell. He also treated my son. I highly recommend Dr. Keith for chiropractic care. Janet S.

I recently went to see Dr. Aaron Keith. My back had been hurting for weeks. Dr. Keith listened to my problem and treated me. After a couple of follow up visits I feel great! I will recommend Dr. Keith to all of my friends and family. The office is nice and the staff is friendly. -Jim A.

My teenage daughter's back pain (from carrying backpacks, or sometimes from other medical conditions) is easily made better by a 15-minute session with Dr. Keith. But the really great impact is the rapport the doctor has with my daughter to the point that she actually wants to sit up straight and eat healthier! The appointments are covered by our medical insurance except for a small copay. Reasonable prices. -Pamela D.